Millennials' dream of dressing up in a fresh and fashionable look at marginally low costs has been causing a higher price to the health of our planet for many years.

People need to slow their wishes down to prevent world changes at a fast pace.

The fashion and textile industries might be one of the most environmentally polluting companies in the world. However, Trio Shirt has been managing its negative environmental impact for many years to combat climate change!

Design Responsibly

People working in the design and textile industry often overlooked the amount of damage they caused to the environment. Result? What goes around comes around.

Designers also should reinvent themselves regardless of the demand for fashion. They need to be gamechanger to create sustainable textile space.

In Trio Shirt, our designers recommend workers to use organic cotton, sustainable fabrics, or recycled polyester while producing new customers' new collections. This should be the approach of all designers having on the environment and wanting to do something good about it, right?

trio shirt's organic cotton fabrics, recycable raw material usage

Our top management is also in the role of educators. But, then, they expect the end products to create sustainable fashion.

Currently, Trio Shirt produces shirt collections of top shirt selling firms in the USA, the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, Sweden, and UEA. Our long-term goal, however, is to procure larger-scale production all over the world.

Use Recycled Fabric

Trio Shirt is a company with people who want to create the best and yet sustainable one. So, we choose our suppliers with a vision close to us.

After carefully analyzing our customers' new collection designs, we order sample fabrics to take a closer look, touch, and feel the materials first.

If the fabric doesn't meet our expectations, we look for another company that supplies high-quality and environmentally friendly materials as our customer deserves. If it does, then we order more of the fabric collection and begin the shirt production stage.

Produce Eco Friendly

We always look for ways to innovate. For instance, using hemp in the textile industry may seem like an unconventional approach. What if we say that hemp uses far less water than cotton while growing?

Yes, herm is a very eco-friendly raw material used in the textile industry, although the world unfairly banned it. It is naturally resistant to mold and ultraviolet lights, which means that firms in tropical climates may prefer hemp as raw material in their shirt collections. Like wine, the more it is used, the softer it gets.

To sum up, there is always a way to make more sustainable choices for the textile industry. Think one, apply one and take a step forward for the world's well-being.

eco friendly shirt production to save the planet

How to Work with Trio Shirt?

Simply put, we produce shirts made from recyclable fabrics that are not produced with chemicals. Then, we get your collection to your doorstep if you would like!

We are one of the most environmentally friendly companies in Turkey. How? By using %100 organic cotton, sustainable fabrics, or recycled polyester within the production process!

Trio Shirt produces thoughtful and planet-thinker shirts. Well, there has to be a beginning for saving the world. So why not start to change from the self? Right?

Want to work with a wholesale shirt company that cares for the environment? Contact us now by sending an email to, and we will take your inquiry into account as soon as possible.

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