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Wholesale Shirt Manufacturer: Trio Shirt

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We are desingers shirt makers manufacturers

Trio Shirt was established in 2008 by the vision of exporting outstanding shirts. Our center is in Istanbul and we produce A plus shirts for shirt suppliers.

We feed our customers with our local and global R&D workouts, present a wide and brand-new projection all the time.

We are able to supply the high scaled and boutique products due to the demand in as well as quality standards with its modern facility, professional staff and new system production line.

We break fast and safe grounds in order to be a globally preferred shirt producer.

We, as Trio Shirt, adopting innovation in all grades from collection to produce, can reflect our vision to our customers studiously by renewing our production line through technological developments and by blending the power of technology with the creative perspective of our staff and master hand-workmanship.

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