Workplace accidents and daily injuries are considered unpreventable occurrences in our industry. But we don't. We believe that accidents at work can be averted.

It is an idea that preventing those accidents is the duty of factory managers. However, Trio Shirt's factory managers have embraced the role for more than 13 years.

"People in charge should be willing to use their skills and knowledge to take the responsibility of preventing health problems in the workplace. This way, the actions could potentially save the lives of their coworkers." our CEO Gökhan Gör says.

He, in person, supervises the managers to ensure work safety procedures are being followed by everyone in the company. Any violation accumulations or ignored dangers meeting his eye will result in several penalties.

worker safety is fundamental at trio shirt, workers on the image

"Within our safety discipline system, it doesn't matter whether the one breaking the safety rules is a supervisor, manager, or a worker. They pay the price like suspension. Otherwise, the system maintenance would not be procured in the factory."

Thanks to the system, our people do their best to prevent daily injuries and workplace accidents for themselves and their coworkers.

If someone feels unsafe from the conditions encountered at work, they don't hesitate to share the situation with their managers. They don't ignore potential dangers, which is an outstanding achievement for us to sustain preventing work accidents.

Whatever we do, sometimes accidents occur. In this case, with a different vision from other factory executives, we don't offer money to their families to keep them quiet or ignore what happened.

We start investigating the core cause of the problem and make the necessary adjustments in our system. Trio Shirt is a company that takes responsibility, heart and soul.

Then, COVID-19 Started to Spread

Throughout the years, we have experienced several health and safety problems among our workers. However, none of them were even close to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At first, we didn't know what the characteristics of the virus were, how it would affect our people, what to do when someone gets the virus and cannot work.

So, we have evolved.

We researched, read publications of worldwide authorities, talked to the ones experiencing or treating the disease. I mean, we have learned.

Firstly, we emphasized the crucial needs of our employees during the pandemic. Then, we practiced social distancing among workbenches, started taking everyone's body temperature in the mornings, and provided many bottles of disinfectant liquid inside the factory.

We added precautions related to wearing masks, keeping their hands clean, and keeping social distance to our safety protocols. The ones denying to obey those rules are also facing some consequences.

after covid-19 pandemic trio shirt has evolved to enhance worker safety

As the world turns into the new normal, we encourage our workers to get vaccinated, even if their vaccination appointment is within working hours.

To sum up, wholesale shirts is an innovative company. We put our workers first to produce the best, to maximize motivation. It is the secret behind our ongoing success.

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