As Trio Shirt Company, we have a production capacity of 24.000 shirts monthly and 290.000 classic shirts annually. We provide shirts for many other providers in countries such as EUA, Holland, Germany, Iceland, Switzerland, France, UK and USA among many others.

Our company has been providing customer satisfaction oriented service with our customers' own designs and our original designs for 12 years since 2008.

As Trio Shirt Company, we can meet the expectations of our customers with high quality shirt production and deliver the products quickly. In addition, we offer many different transportation options in line with the needs of our customers.

What is the Cost of Buying Bulk Shirts? What Are the Factors Affecting?

We, Trio Gömlek Company, before determining the prices of bulk shirts, take the following parameters into account. On top of that, we analyze the needs, expectations, and the target group of our customer to offer best suitable production choices.

The pricing of the bulk shirt buying depends on the quality of the fabric, the complexity of the design, and the accessories used in the production.

The acquisition of ease of the fabric that will be used in the production of the shirts also plays a role in the pricing. If the fabric is not available in our production facilities that it may contribute to the pricing of the bulk shirt production as well the time that is required to produce them.

The cost of purchasing a shirt in bulk varies due to many issues, from the fabric used in the shirt to the preferred transport option.

The factors that change the cost can be listed as follows:

  • The quality of the fabric.

  • The supply of the fabric to be used.

  • The quality of the yarn.

  • Design.

  • Transport.

  • Weaving type.

  • Customer's demands and needs.

  • The quality of the side materials used.

  • Accessories used.

Bulk Shirt Production Materials

We, Trio Gömlek Company, primarily use cloth in our shirt production. The cloth that is chosen may show change according to yarn fiber, yarn number and the weaving type.

During production, according to the needs of the customer, we provide Oxford, twill or plain weaving among other types of weaving

In addition to those aforementioned, we also use these secondary ingredients as well;

  • Sweing Thread,

  • Tela ( A material that helps keep the collars straight and hard)

  • Button

  • Laundry Instruction

  • Brand Label

  • Size Label

  • Cardboard ( Helps with the folding of the shirt)

  • Onionskin Paper

  • Metal Tongs

  • Plastic Tongs

  • Under-collar Cardboard

  • Plastic Ring

  • Plastic Bag

  • Cardboard Box

Bulk Shirt Production Processes

Our customers can send their own designs to be put on the shirts during the production. However, thanks to Tiro Gömlek’s design team they can also choose from our own collection of designs as well.

Before a collection is made, we inspect the designs in order to determine the theme of the fabric. That way we can determine the quality of the fabric according to the demands of our customers.

After determining the needs and the demands of the customer, we get samples from various fabric producers in Turkey to send to the customer to show how the final product might feel after production.

At the start of the production process we make a prototype of each product. Then, we send those to the customer to get their views and feedback on the prototypes to change the product to fit the customers desire.

After getting the approval from the customer about the classic shirt prototypes, the bulk production process begins. When all the necessary steps are completed for the collection creation the end products are sent to the customer.

If the fabric that will be used in the production of the classic shirt production is currently available in our facilities, 60 units per color and 1.000 units in total could be produced. If the fabric is needed to be acquired specifically for the customer, 300 units per color and 1.000 in total could be produced.

Bulk Shirt Transpiration Process

During the completion of the order, we inform our customers about the ways in which the products can be delivered. There may be variation in the cost of the wholesale shirt depending on the transportation choice to which the products will be delivered.

If our customers do not have an extra request, we usually ship the shirts we produce by road. If shipping is to be made between continents, we prefer the method of transportation by ship. If requested, we can also use the aircraft transportation method for the shipment of the products.

Descriptions of our wholesale shirt shipping options are given below.

FOB (Free on Board)

Free on board, i.e. delivery on board; It refers to the transportation of the classic shirts produced by loading on the sea vehicle. In this method, responsibility and costs such as insurance belong to the importer company, namely Trio Gömlek.

CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight)

CIF, i.e. cost, freight and insurance paid delivery; It refers to covering all the costs of transportation and insurance until the agreed upon delivery stage in the country of the importer, Turkey.

EXW (Ex Works)

Ex Works, i.e. delivery on exporters workplace; It refers to delivery on the factories of Trio Gömlek while all the risks and costs are covered by Trio Gömlek

FCA (Free Carrier)

FCA, i.e. delivery to the buyer; It refers to delivery to the buyers address in Turkey by Trio Gömlek.

CPT (Carriage Paid To)

CPT, i.e. transportation cost paid delivery; It refers to delivery where the transportation cost is covered by Trio Gömlek and the other costs such as insurance is covered by the customer.

CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To)

CIP, i.e. transportation and insurance cost paid delivery; It refers to delivery where transportation and insurance cost is covered by Trio Gömlek and delivered to the address agreed upon in Turkey

DAT (Delivered at Terminal)

DAT, i.e. delivery at terminal; It refers to delivery where all the cost is covered by Trio Gömlek and the shirts are delivered to a terminal or port in the buyer's country.

DAP (Delivered at Place)

DAP, i.e. delivery at specified address; It refers to delivery where the shirts are delivered to the address specified in Turkey covering all the costs except taxes.

DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)

DDP, i.e. custom taxes paid delivery; It refers to delivery where the classical shirts are delivered to an address in Turkey custom taxes paid

FAS (Free Alongside Ship)

FAS, i.e. delivery at the ship side; It refers to the delivery where the shirts are delivered to a loading zone for loading into a ship later.

CFR (Cost and Freight)

CFR, i.e. cost and freight paid delivery; It refers to delivery where the shirts are delivered by a sea vessel where it’s cost is covered by Trio Gömlek and the insurance and other costs are covered by the customer.

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