Overshirt or shirt jacket, which does not attract as much attention as it deserves, but is quite useful and modest; Is a seasonal outerwear preferred in spring. It is a very stylish outerwear that you can wear in the autumn and spring months and during the transition periods of the seasons and in cool weather, standing in shirt style.

The shirt jacket has styles that suit many people's tastes in the fashion world. In our article today, we will give you some tips on what is an overshirt, what should be considered in overshirt design for your audience, and how to choose a fabric. This quick guide will help you to choose your target audience and come out strong in overshirt fashion.

What is an Overshirt?

"What is an Overshirt?" In response to this question, we can call it a seasonal jacket or shirt jacket created from various styles and fabrics. There are many different styles of the shirt jacket. Some shirt jackets have zippers, some have buttons; some shirt-jackets are designed with large pockets, while some have no pockets.

There are many overshirt style options like this and more. For this reason, it would be better to give importance to the preferences of your target audience and make choices in that direction while selling overshirts. By contacting Trio Shirt Company, you can have a custom design overshirt prepared in line with your target audience and present your own designs.

Overshirts can be found in almost every style. Overshirt, which is very useful for upper clothing, is an outerwear that is preferred especially in seasonal transitions and can appeal to people in many different styles.

Shirt jackets are truly versatile and are one of the only pieces of clothing that protect from cool weathers, preferred during the transition between seasons. However, there are designs that can appeal to any style of clothing.

Offering Size Options

In order to provide good aesthetics in general, your products should have the right size to fit people of all sizes and there should be many options. Aside from being suitable for every body type, having options suitable for every body structure will take you one step further.

It's also a good idea to offer lots of options with different styles and fabrics so you can reach out to many people and get them to contact you more. You can make many shoppers happy and offer them designer overshirt options that can look stylish and beautiful on them and wear in cool weather.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Many different types of fabrics are used in making overshirt, including wool and twill. However, the most commonly used fabrics are fabrics such as cotton and canvas.

As with everything else in fashion, the fabrics from which the shirt jacket is produced vary according to the situation and seasonal characteristics. It is useful to classify the Overshirt variety for the fabrics produced.


Compared to other fabrics such as wool, cotton has a structure that allows the skin to breathe more. For this reason, cotton shirt jackets are more ideal for warm and cold seasons than other fabrics.

For a simple style design that you can wear all season, we recommend the Trio Shirt Company’s models. With Trio Shirt Company, you can create overshirt designs in line with your own drawings.

However, as per your choice, these shirt jackets made from a premium cotton blend will take you one step further. You can create designs to suit both casual, weekend wear and office wear.

Offering Eye-catching Design Options

Overshirts can be worn alone in cool seasons or can be worn in shirt jacket style. For this reason, it is important to make a color combination that can inspire many people, reminiscent of striking autumn colors.

Overshirt is a top wear that is far from boring, with collars that can fit every use, striking colors of spring, two chest pockets and buttoned cuffs. All-over tone stitching adds a subtle yet striking detail to this already eye-catching outfit.

How Overshirts Should Look?

After answering the question of what is an overshirt, another important issue is how it should look when wearing an overshirt and what is the difference in a shirt. Let's take a look at these issues.


One of the best things about shirt jackets is that they can be worn open or closed. Therefore, when designing the collar, you can prepare a style like an ordinary shirt or a collar design in the form of a coat.

It should not be forgotten that many people can also wear shirt jackets and shirts, and accordingly, it is necessary to adjust the sizes so that there is some space around the neck.


The seam should be straight across the shoulder and the overshirt’s arm should sit where the shoulder meets the arm or just below it. For this reason, the sewing of the shoulder should be like coat style sewing


Overshirt should be able to sit on the chest and stand straight in any type of clothing, as it can be worn as an outerwear or shirt style. For this reason, planting should be done meticulously.


In addition to being large enough for your arm to fit comfortably, the sleeve of the shirt jacket should be slightly below the wrist and slightly above the hand so that it fits perfectly. It should end just at the end of the ankle so that it can be worn comfortably under a jacket and draped over a sweater.


The hem should be just below the waist like a casual shirt. It should end slightly above the hip, like a denim jacket.

Overshirt Production Process and Technique

After answering the question of what is an overshirt, let's take a look at the overshirt production process.

Overshirt Production Materials

As Trio Shirt Company, the main material we use in bulk overshirt production is fabrics made of cotton. However, the type of fabric to be preferred may vary according to the demands of the customers, the yarn number to be used, the yarn fiber and the type of weaving.

During production, according to the needs of the customer, we provide Oxford, twill or plain weaving among other types of weaving

In addition to those aforementioned, we also use these secondary ingredients as well;

  • Sweing Thread,

  • Tela ( A material that helps keep the collars straight and hard)

  • Button

  • Laundry Instruction

  • Brand Label

  • Size Label

  • Cardboard ( Helps with the folding of the shirt)

  • Onionskin Paper

  • Metal Tongs

  • Plastic Tongs

  • Under-collar Cardboard

  • Plastic Ring

  • Plastic Bag

  • Cardboard Box

Bulk Overshirt Production Processes

Our customers usually send their own designs to be put on the shirts during the production. However, they could also take advantage of Tiro Gömlek’s design team to so choose from our own collection of designs as well.

Before a collection is made, we inspect the designs in order to determine the theme of the fabric. That way we can determine the quality of the fabric according to your demands..

After determining the needs and the demands of the customer, we get samples from various fabric producers in Turkey to send to the customer to show how the final product might feel after production.

Before the start of the production process we make a prototype of each product. Then, we send those to the customer to get their views and feedback on the prototypes to change the product to fit the customers desire.

After getting the approval from the customer about the classic shirt prototypes, the bulk production process begins. When all the necessary steps are completed for the collection creation the end products are sent to the customer.

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